Weird Horror Missed Connections

Walking alone in an abandoned hospital you see a very attractive ghost wearing workout clothes. You want to say something to her, but she is busy howling and floating around the room with all the hands in jars. Life, the afterlife, and the trans-vibrational ur-existence provide us with only a few chances to make connections like these. Don’t let them slip away, post a weird horror Missed Connection.


back 2 masking – m4w

I was listening to a tape recording of the wind tunnel sound of an unusual object discovered in the desert, you were the backwards woman’s voice that warned me about the events of 10-15-15. The black sphere appeared above the the mountains just as you promised. Would love to observe other black spheres with you or just hang out and listen to ambient demon voices.

buzzed off – m4?

You were a sentient cloud of insects hovering around a slum’s street lamp and I was the exsanguinated derelict you left in the gutter. You can keep the blood if I can get your number.

movement mori – w4?

You were the idea of death embedded in sheet music and I was an insane composer trapped in an attic. You helped me compose my greatest symphony which has driven millions to depraved madness. Speaking of depraved madness, I am DTF and zero drama. Let’s make this happen.

walking tall – w4w

You were tapping gently at the sills, moving in the cold, dark night, but always gone before I arrived at the window to peer out. Your rime-caked fur blended with the snowy pines. You towered above them. You moved with ghastly swiftness. I was the writer staying in the cabin trying to finish my novel about a stone of antiquity recovered from darkest Araby, you were an ageless walker of the fear-shrouded heath and you drove me permanently insane.

train panic – m4?

You were the pale, clawed things scurrying over the carcass of a derelict train glimpsed from the window of a passing subway car. I was the guy in the Sonic t-shirt who looked sort of like Serpico, but fatter. Way, way fatter.

Got In Shape – w4m

I was walking my dog in the park on 15th Street when you reconstituted yourself from a skeleton, pointed an accusing finger at me, and said something. I had my earbuds in and was trying to beat my FitBit record so I didn’t stop to talk. What did you say to me? You looked super cute when you were like a bunch of spaghetti slithering around a skull. Looooove spaghetti and there is a way you can make it out of cooked vegetables that is zero carb.

hey, baby! – m4?

Saw you in a old-timey baby carriage that was rolling down a deserted street by itself. I didn’t want to look inside, but I had to be sure there wasn’t a baby in there. What are you? I saw pulsing meat and some tendrils, maybe an eye, but it was too big. Are you a baby? I’m not interested in babies if so, but if you are over eighteen would love to get to know you better.

nostromance? – m4w

I was a dreadful colonial agent in primitive Africa, drinking away the heat and trying to forget my misdeeds in managing a rubber plantation in the heart of the jungle. You were the ghostly woman that moved among the trees at night. I wasn’t sure if you were haunting me or someone else, so I didn’t want to say anything. I’m pretty shy. We should sit down, have some of this rum, and you can tell me whether or not I am dead and in hell already.