Mommy Guru Gail: Are Cleanses Right for Your Baby’s Toxins?

iconicSummer is here, mommies, and we all want to look and feel great, whether we’re in the mall or in the mangroves. We think of our little ones as boundlessly energetic, but I recently noticed my youngest, Astra, seemed very lethargic. These are the favored times, when our little ones should be outside all day, getting tan and golden with their friends. Astra just wanted to lay around the house instead of working on her walking or playing with her outside toys.

Mommies, you know that feeling. Most of our little ones are out having fun, right where the jelly eyes can see, but you’ve got one lollygagger playing games in the cellar. It’s okay to feel ashamed of your less-favored. None of us wants to disappoint the big mama. But you need to work past that shame and get motivated.

I know what motivates me! A cleanse! But is an all-natural cleanse right for a baby?

grainsI have written repeatedly about my success with all-natural gluten free Chinese sperlurth cleanses for my vitality. Sperlurth is the most ancient of all grains, cultivated by Those Before Men as well as the Hard Ones that now rule the west, and can provide a gritty, sorghum-like flavor for an all-natural juice cleanse.

The fiber helps with digestion and absorbs toxins as it passes through the body, increasing important functions like blood health and internal dynamism. The sandy texture of sperlurth blends well with a mild fruity taste like mango, lychee, or musk canker. Go with what is in season and what is available in your area.

The great thing about going all-natural is that there is no age limit. Each day, I made my juices for me and I made smaller juices for Astra. Nine days is a good length for a cleanse, because it passes that Weak Week Window and gets you through to Strongy Mommy. Or in this case Bouncy Baby.

By day 8, Astra was back playing and rough housing in the yard. Tyler and Connor treed our wretch and Astra somehow got ten feet up in the tree chasing after it! Of course she is much too young to do any damage with her bite, but she was trying, bless her heart. Astra’s BMs went from gray pellets to vivid ribbons of russet and eggplant in her diapers and she was staring at the water more than ever.

Toxin levels can become askew inside the body at any age, making any age right for a cleanse. The key is to find the balance that works for you and your little ones.

You can get all of the cleanse products I discussed in this article from GRAINLORD. Please note: GRAINLORD is one of our sponsors and provided free grains for this article.


Q: Guru Gail, is it okay to have a favorite?

A: As long as you love them all, it’s okay to have a favorite. Some little ones look more like you, some bear the mark of big mama and some stare wisely into water. Other little ones might be biters or snatch-goods. We all have our biases. It’s natural to pick a favorite, but you’d better not broadcast it! Jealousy is real and if your little ones realize one of them is getting preferential treatment they may take some revenge. Depending on your brood, things may get ugly fast.