WTF, D&D: Cthulhu ’90s Solo Project – The Toné Out of Space


Zack: Wolf shows you into the cabin. The smell of smoke is in the air, but the fire damage seems relatively contained to the front room. Wolf explains that someone tried to torch the place, but left in a hurry and didn’t wait to see if it all burned down.

Steve: Amateurs…

Zack: “This is where we found the body,” he says, indicating a room that seems like a kitchen that has been emptied of all appliances. There’s some slime residue on the floor where Wolf is pointing. He takes out some Polaroid photos of the body and it is very gross. It looks like a cross between a human and a hotdog. It’s like a half formed human with vestigial features mixed up with a Coogi sweater.

Steve: What the heck is a Coogi sweater?

Zack: Think bright Bill Coby sweaters. Make a sanity check.

Steve: Passed.

Zack: No loss, but it shakes you up a little.

Steve: Going to take a closer look at the room.

Zack: There are some weird marks on the floor next to the body. Sort of like scorch marks outlining narrow rectangular objects that were removed. A lot of rectangular objects. Like 50 or so.

Steve: Maybe like magic crystals or something. Can I use my occult knowledge? Were they trying to resurrect someone?

Zack: You can’t think of any particular ritual that would cause this, although Eazy-E is more the magic expert. Your search does turn up a card for a music supply company in Seattle called Liebekunst’s. It’s sort of jammed between the floorboards.

Steve: Located at One Evidence Boulevard, 555-CLUE. Seems like it might come in handy. Anything else, Wolfman?

Zack: “We found some burned star charts near where the fire started. Nothing useful on them, they were so badly burned, but I thought it might be interesting.”

Steve: No the stars are basically boring and that doesn’t help at all. I’m going to check up on this clue though.

Zack: He seems really relieved that you are helping. “Nobody at the bureau takes me seriously.”

Steve: That’s because you dress like a five year old. And get a real haircut. Your hair looks like a shower clog.

Zack: “My what? Wait, what?”

Steve: Heading to Liebekunst’s.