WTF, D&D: Cthulhu ’90s Solo Project – The Toné Out of Space (Part 2)


Zack: You set the tuning fork up out back in the old parking lot behind the firehouse. At first, it seems like nothing is going to happen. Then the fork begins to vibrate.

Steve: Yess!

Zack: You hear a faint, ethereal sound, like distant music. Cool, modern, up-tempo R&B music. A voice becomes audible. “If the rhythm feels good to you baby / Let me hear you sing.”

Zack: It’s Tony! Toni! Toné! “If the rhythm feels good to you baby / Let us take you away!”

Steve: I have a bad feeling about this.

Zack: As you watch, a flesh lump with scraps of cloth and leather adhering to it begins to coalesce from a green ether. The singing grows louder. The flesh begins to unfurl, revealing a leather pork pie hat, a misshapen head, an oversized zoot-style jacket. The singing grows louder and louder. “It feeeeels good!”

Zack: Sanity check.

Steve: Failed.

Zack: You lose 8 sanity. Temporary insanity time. Roll a d10 for me.

Steve: 6.

Zack: Your fear is replaced by rage. How dare this abomination appear before you? Left Eye grabs the flamethrower and with a whoosh she torches the writhing mass of flesh, along with the tuning fork. Everything goes red. You hear screaming and breaking glass. When you regain consciousness, or awareness, you are standing in the parking lot watching the firehouse burn to the ground.

Steve: My lyrics!

Zack: You have bigger concerns than your lyrics. There are numerous sirens approaching.

Steve: It won’t be the first time Left Eye runs away from a bunch of cops and a burning building. Running to my car and fleeing the scene. Tony! Toni! Toné! are behind this. I need to find out where they are so I can get some answers.

Steve: Did I at least rescue my flamethrower?

Zack: Yeah, but the tank is empty. You’ll have to fill it up at a gas station.