WTF, D&D: Otherverse America Campaign Setting (The Abortion War RPG)

otherverse11Steve: Would, would.

Zack: I wonder if that minigun is a clit.

Steve: That’s a Lifer, I don’t think they are down with the clitness. The other lady might have a clit in her knife hand though.

Zack: Keep Abortion Legal is probably not a slogan to strike fear into the hearts of the people you are fighting hand-to-hand to the death.


Steve: Age 15 nfdjfndfndfdfd

Zack: Naw, man, it’s cool. In the future society has gotten over all these stupid hang-ups we have now about not fucking kids.

Steve: The first civil war freed the slaves and the second one lowered the age of consent by three years.

Zack: Oh, sure, that’s what they want you to think. But down here in the south it’s known as the war of northern pedophilia.