WTF, D&D: Otherverse America Campaign Setting (The Abortion War RPG)



Zack: One of the first things this book does, like any good RPG book, is feature an enormous list of weird powers.

Steve: These are a little weirder than usual.


Zack: Yeah, a lot of them deal with either changing gender or sexuality or locking it in to prevent deviance. And then there’s stuff like this…


Steve: I don’t know if I could handle that.

Zack: I’m not one to body shame women, but this conjures really gross imagery of a person with a hundred clits on their face or all over their back.

Zack: It turns you into this squamous monster shambling around derelict districts trying to rub against things.

Steve: Tetsuo III: Body Clit.

Zack: *Dissonant industrial music plays as a Japanese man slams himself around a factory until he is covered in clits*