WTF, D&D: Otherverse America Campaign Setting (The Abortion War RPG)


Zack: Finally, I can get my pro-life manga print-on-demand.

Steve: It’s a good thing they cleared up that no one can sue the makers of Redchapel for using a knife glove because Freddy Kruger [sic] is languishing in obscurity. I was worried about the legal ramifications of loosely basing a murder weapon on Freddy’s glove.

Zack: Freddy should really exist in this world. Although his gendered insults might not fly with the PC Brigade. Which is an actual unit of the Gynocratic Blood Witch Legion.


Steve: You wanted him, you got him.

Zack: Not even Freddy can pull off those over-the-head sunglasses.

Steve: I hope the creators of this book don’t get sued for those hands.