WTF, D&D: Monster Manual V (3E)

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Zack: Today we take a look at Monster Manual V from Wizards of the Coast. Released in 2007, just as the third edition of D&D was wrapping up, it is the last of the Monster Manuals for that edition.

Steve: It’s actually better than IV. IV felt like they went off in a weird direction to try to fill the pages and this one at least seems like a return to the fundamentals.

Zack: If by fundamentals you mean “using the same monsters over and over again” then you are correct.

Steve: If you can’t beat them, orc them.

Zack: What does that mean?

Steve: Instead of coming up with Wingmare Rotbarnacle or a Foam Elemental, it’s probably better to just give me ten new version of orcs. Tall orcs, rowdy orcs, stinky orcs, whatever, I will find a job for them.

Zack: Making Eberron Great Again.