WTF, D&D: Monster Manual V (3E)

Bridge Haunt


Zack: So in this book they came up with “haunts” which are ghosts that hang around certain environments. And by far the stupidest is the Bridge Haunt, which hangs around bridges and tries to push people off the bridges. And the best part is their picture is a) of a bridge with no opening to push someone off and b) of a bridge so low to the water nobody would get hurt.

Steve: Yeah, the picture doesn’t really portray them as menacing. But they could be! Think about having to climb over some Indiana Jones gorge on a rickety bridge and suddenly there is this a-hole ghost trying to push you over.

Zack: That would be just about the worst time to get attacked by a ghost.

Steve: Exactly! And he’s relentless while you’re trying to just hold onto the bridge to begin with, because this is a shoddy bridge.

Zack: The three ways to get rid of one of these things is to destroy the bridge, somehow get the ghost to follow you 1,000 feet from the bridge, or to find the body of the ghost and take it to its original destination.

Steve: So, basically, the way to get rid of them is to destroy the bridge.

Zack: Yeah, or just ignore them because they are trying to push you off a bridge that is about diving board height over a gentle stream.