WTF, D&D: Monster Manual V (3E)

Shardsoul Slayer


Zack: This is another one of those brainstorming sessions at Wizards clearly turned into a monster.

Steve: What? Look at this dude! He’s bada$$. He has knives all over him and a cool name.

Steve: Shardsoul Slayer.

Zack: He looks and sounds like a video game monster from the 1990s. Like something you would be fighting on the way up the stairs in a Castlevania game.

Steve: Those are classic games!

Zack: Also, is he somebody who slays Shardsouls or is he a Shardsoul who happens to be a slayer.

Steve: I mean, look at the guy. Does he look like anything other than a Shardsoul?

Zack: Unlike you, Steve, I try not to judge people on the way they look. This guy could have a family back home on the cutting board. Maybe he’s just trying to earn a living keeping the streets clean and taking out Shardsouls.

Steve: The mean streets of Castlevania.