WTF, D&D: Monster Manual V (3E)

Madcrafter of Thoon


Steve: This is my favorite creature in the book.

Zack: It’s terrible.

Steve: No!

Zack: I don’t like any of the Thoon stuff. They thought that mindflayers were cool so they were like “what about mindflayers that went on a space mission and joined up with aliens.” It results in ten different mindflayers and several weird things like this.

Steve: Which is awesome. It’s a creature that pukes up robots. It can violently spit robots out as an attack.

Zack: Like when the swamp monster from Empire Strikes Back pukes out R2D2?

Steve: You mean the King of the Dragonsnakes who was the biggest of the dragonsnakes in Dragonsnake Bog.

Steve: No, nothing like that. It tried to eat R2D2 and spit him back out. This thing makes the robots and pukes them out. It’s mouth-birthing them.

Zack: That one weird trick doctors don’t want you to know about.