WTF, D&D: Monster Manual V (3E)


Skull Lord


Zack: “It’s not, like, an official title or anything. I’m just really into skulls.”

Steve: I wonder who he gets to make his three-head helmets.

Zack: How many skulls before you reach a point of diminishing returns?

Steve: I’ll go three. Skull Lord knows what’s up.

Zack: I’m going to say he has a long way to go before he reaches maximum skull saturation. Let’s get at least 10-12 more skulls.

Steve: The lore for this thing is great. He can pull bones out of people and then spit the bones back at them to hurt them even more.


Zack: So every time a skull gets destroyed, Skull Lord weakens. If I were him, I would get a bunch of extra skulls to put on my shoulders and serve as skull decoys.

Steve: What I wonder is, okay, you’re an evil Skull Lord sort of dude, but even that dude has to relax. How do you bounce back from being a merciless skull all day? Do you have friends?

Zack: Hell yeah, you do. Check out Skull Lord’s friend:


Steve: Nice. I like a friend that can also be a decoration.

Zack: “Sure, put the bone reaper pillar over there by the Ficus. Which is also made out of bone.” You know Skull Lord is decorating his house 100% in bones and skulls.

Steve: When life gives you bones, make boneade.

Zack: Or soup. You can make soup.