WTF, D&D: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: After The Bomb (Palladium)



Steve: “Yaaaayyyy!” Alligator man looks so happy.

Zack: I’m thinking of the logistics of an alligator wearing a pair of shorts and I bet those things rip open all the time.

Steve: Definitely rip open when he’s getting squeezed like toothpaste by a giant evil robot.

Zack: That’s why you don’t bring a sharpened shovel to a laser gun fight.

Steve: Didn’t work out too well for the bird that has a gun he can’t shoot.

Zack: The tiger had the sense to use some cover.

Steve: This is a weird book.

Zack: Yeah, we’ve established that adequately, and that it seems in a lot of way what started the ball rolling on Rifts. So without this misfire of a book, we would never have the, uh, greatness of Rifts.

Steve: Without Emperor Daniel Christian there would never be Emperor Karl Prosek.

Zack: Yeah, and then where would we be?

Steve: Definitely not leading the dog boys and juicers to crush the druids and the glitter boy uprisings.

Zack: A thought to haunt our dear readers until next week!