WTF, D&D: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: After The Bomb (Palladium)


Steve: General Magoo.

Zack: No one under the age of about 30 is going to get that reference.

Steve: Are you kidding? The Mr. Magoo movie did not come out until like 1998 or something. Millennials are in the sweet spot for Magoo mania.

Zack: “Yo, I’ll get the super thick glasses and overcoat and let’s make some Magoo Vines.”

Steve: Magoo memes like jet fuel melting the steel beam Mr. Magoo is unwittingly walking on when he wanders onto a construction site.

Zack: Magoo did 9/11.

Steve: Imagine if we combined Magoo with Shrek and skeletons?

Zack: Let’s get #magoo trending.