WTF, D&D: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: After The Bomb (Palladium)


Steve: When they said “send the bird to scout ahead” they probably didn’t mean for him to get in a Jeep and drive there.

Zack: I seem to recall the random charts in TMNT making it very easy to make a mutant animal that lost the main ability of the animal. Like being a mutant bird you had to spend a bunch of your mutation points to still fly.

Steve: Or to have hands that can use an uzi.

Zack: Yep, but any Jack Cawcaw can drive a Jeep.

Steve: Judging by the picture, maybe not drive it well. It looks like he’s been in all of the accidents.

Zack: Part of that is just Peter Laird’s style where everything looks like it is dipped in batter. No hard edges or straight lines. It’s all deep fried dough, even guns.

Steve: Harsh! You’re going to tell me this is better than the art in like Heroes Unlimited?

Zack: No way! This is great compared to that, but it still seems a style ill-suited for a game book. Like you don’t have R. Crumb illustrating Ikea instructions.

Steve: Like the Biggubot, which is a lamp you put together and sit on and it doesn’t have any lightbulb on top.

Zack: There’s no way to come at this other than metaways so just imagine I somehow found a way to reference R. Crumb and the n-word in the context of Ikea without being super offensive.