WTF, D&D: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: After The Bomb (Palladium)



Zack: Worth noting that Peter Laird, half of the team that created the original ninja turtles, does almost all of the artwork for this.

Zack: Which doesn’t mean it’s better artwork than usual, just different.

Steve: Not a lot of nuance in the conflict in this book.

Zack: Hi, I am Emperor Daniel Christian. I dress like cover of a KMFDM album. I am diabolical.

Steve: Emperor Christian? Get it? Because Christians are bigots who want nothing more than to enslave rabbits and lizard dudes and force them to work in factories.

Zack: It’s going to take a big army to pull that off. Fortunately, this is a Rifts book, so you know the exact military forces available to Emperor Christian will be detailed.



Steve: It’s a little amazing how much of Rifts is derived from this book. You’ve got the fascist human dictator with his army of enslaved dog man soldiers. Mutants, robots, it’s all in there.

Steve: I’m surprised this book doesn’t have the chapter on the Mechanoids that has been included in ten different Palladium products.

Zack: It’s not that big of a surprise when you realize Rifts includes everything they could possibly come up with. It’s an overflowing junk drawer of a role playing game.