WTF, D&D: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: After The Bomb (Palladium)


Steve: I’m down. I’d buy a ticket for what Clem is selling.

Zack: Oh, sure he’s selling a ride on his giant beetle. But once you pay for that ticket, the dang thing┬ájust rolls you up like a dung ball and pushes you down a hill.

Steve: I like the world of this where there are like ten different ways to get mutations and some of them turn you into a human-like gopher man wearing a hunting jacket and some of them just make a beetle really fricking big.

Zack: Also that it can start at both ends. You can have a frog and a man and dump radioactive ooze on them both and at some point they meet in the middle of being a frog man.

Steve: For what is man, but another animal?

Zack: Groan.

Zack: I would like a new version of this where dumping ooze on anything, literally anything, would start to turn it into a human hybrid. Staplers, rocks, whatever. Just anthropomorphize it and give it a gun.